Best of Dadvice by Noel Penrose

Best of Dadvice by Noel Penrose

"I have long searched for a concise document which will convey to young people the very essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur as well as to be a good employee. So much of education is concerned with teaching the young how to pass exams. This book gives young people wise and congenial hints on how to be successful, not only after they leave school and college, but how to make more of their lives during them also."

Dr. Anthony Seldon, Master at Wellington College
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Best of Dadvice is a short compendium of important lessons in life and business for the aspiring manager or newly promoted executive. It is ideal for students and anyone beginning a management career. Many of the lessons are valuable at all stages of social and business life; some will stay with you forever.

There are 31 Dadvice pieces in all, split into five central themes:

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Noel Penrose has worked in business and management for more than 30 years and is an experienced senior executive in the marketing & advertising communications industry. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, member of the Institute of Directors, alumni student of Warwick University and a graduate of the Omnicom University Senior Leadership Programme at Babson College in Massachusetts.

Noel is Chairman of Juniper2, a business mentoring consultancy, and author of The Management Challenges of Growing a Marketing Services Agency, chronicling the five growth phases from birth to maturity and the hurdles faced at each step along the way.